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This site is being established to allow any/all King Cousins to contribute to it.  It is a work in progress and therefore will be changing quite often (I hope).  It is my plan as webmaster to set it up so that all (cousins) who wish to will add things and enjoy the site.

I am initially going to add the FIRST COUSINS (those I can identify) it will however be open to SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, and all other cousins that can be identified by using the list found at the Cousin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, just click here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cousin

I do not know exactly where all fit in, such as the FULLERs.  However I am sure that those of you familiar with the family tree programs will find a way to figure it out.

Until set up, please contact me at Bobby@kingcousins.com email address. I will add things for you until I get it set so that you can add/edit things yourself.

Ok, now lets just go ahead and jump right into the sites PORTAL page and/or whatever else may be listed. Simply click on the line to proceed to that location.


2 March 2016: 2:08PM left coast time:    Additions made to PORTAL page. And, other pages added with links. The links will be active soon.

3 March 2016 2:37PM  same place.  added a couple of pdf files to Uncle Seth page.  It take a little longer for these pages to load, depending on your internet connect speed. Just bear with it they will load.  Thanks to Wilma for the Story and Wayne for the Journal.

Added another section (bobby) to the page. select it from the PORTAL page (3/2/2016 @ 3:52pm)

Added a "few" more pages to the (bobby) section. Some you may have seen, some not... (3/8/2016 @ 2:35pm)

edited pages (bobby) military history. (3/10/16 @ 1:17pm)

edited: (BCW). Rehomed to different server 4/24/2017 (5:20pm)

edited (BCW) added update to military history plus page added awards link 5/22/2017 (8:11pm)

added two new pages: The Dress and Recycled 10/29/2018 (2:20PM) BCW

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